CD Released On: Aug 16, 2005
Released By: Sin. J Entertainment

release description

He has been called, "maybe the best Stevie Wonder follow-up ever, whether major or not". Mixing up R&B soul, hip hop and colors of jazz and gospel harmony, Randevyn has a knack for blending up smooth urban tracks with both commercial and underground appeal. Randevyn (Ran-dev-in) brings us familiar qualities of music from John Legend, Musiq, Peter Cetera, Donnie Hathaway, Sting, Kim Burrell and Carl Thomas, however there is still there is a definite touch all his own. In addition to sharing the stage with such greats as Floetry and Bilal, he's also done background work for Ludacris, and producers Jazze Pha, Rodney Jerkins, and LaShon Daniels. If you haven't heard of him yet, it's only a matter of time.

Randevyn teamed with Sincere Johnson - founder and president of Sin. J Entertainment, LLC - Clarence "Telee" Hill (of Tyler Perry's meet the Browns), Meko Thomas, PJ Morton and Tedd Wynn of Ted & Sheri fame to make SolTrain, a well-rounded album with bangin' soul beats, brilliant harmonies, and engaging lyrics."LaughNKry" takes us for a ride on the emotional roller coaster of a love relationship, while the enchanting "SupaNatural," has colorful melodies that remind us that love is still alive. SolTrain is a wonderful mix of old and new school R&B, soul, gospel and blues that gives voice to the urban experience. Let's join Randevyn on the journey.