Love Kraft

CD Released On: Sep 13, 2005
Released By: XL Recordings

release description

Their most beguiling work to date, Love Kraft marks the Super Furry Animals' seventh album, and it's a symphonic, sophisticated, psychedelic soul masterpiece! Love Kraft finds the Furries roaming through uncharted territory in more ways than one, balancing their poppy California sound with something new — dare we call it an apocalyptic (gasp) sadness? — and featuring songs written and sung by nearly all members of the group; Bunf, Daf, Cian and lead-singer Gruff all contribute. A first for the Furries, and a coup for the fans.

Laden with surrealist stream of consciousness and painted in elegiac bliss, Love Kraft is immense in scope, with more than half of its tracks boasting string arrangements (courtesy of unofficial Furry, Sean O'Hagan), and the often odd appearance of a 100-strong Catalan choir.

Recorded in Spain with Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Phantom Power) over three weeks in Catalonian sunshine (the first sound you'll hear on the record is Bunf diving into a swimming pool) and then mixed in a suburb of Rio De Janeiro over a languid summer, Love Kraft is a departure from the overtly political SFA we may have seen in the past. Are the Furries mellowing or just growing even more sublime?

"The world is so ridiculously dark at the moment, when you don't know where to start politically it's sometimes easier to become inward looking or to enter the world of the imagination," says Gruff.

On the way to diversifying their sound, Super Furry Animals have found a new focus. After calling off the search for meaning, they stumbled upon it by intuition and the power of magic. Of course, when a band has played together for 10 years there is bound to be an unspoken shared aesthetic, and this time around they've communed over decadence. As you'll see, Love Kraft is the sound of SFA maturation, with not a monsteriffic yeti, tank, or inflatable bear in sight.