CD Released On: Oct 04, 2005
Released By: Hinterland Records

release description

3 years ago, when Tobias Meggle composed, wrote and recorded the songs of his solo debut long player wanderlust (released in march 2004), he was far from imagining the convergence of enthusiasm the album caused in music lovers circles. Indeed, besides the general critical acclaim and overwhelmingly positive reviews of the international music press, an astonishing movement of "musical fellowship" started when like-minded producers' feedbacks spontaneously reached the hinterland HQ.

This was the beginning of a process that naturally lead to the release of 'Echoes.' Inspiration is really the keyword when it comes to understanding what brought sandboy and this international cast of producers, musicians and vocalists together. All these artistic exchanges have happened due to a genuine mutual respect and fascination which guide this double angle production project: other artists revisiting and remixing the world of sandboy and sandboy himself exploring the sonic universe of others.

First of all, 6 key moments of the wanderlust album are present here, reproduced and remixed by 6 artists that brought Meggle`s compositions in new musical territories. From the bumpy rework of lua nua by the fresh production duo of smiles ahead to the smooth strings`n`bass offbeat version of viver by Norvegian funksters butti 49, from the powerful broken beats of 4Lux ambassador and remix maestro gerd on bsb to the melancholic deep house moments of viver retweaked by neroli`s honcho volcov from Verona. The moodiest vibes definitely come from London`s break reform (from abstract blue fame) and newcomer leroy schlimm who delivered their magic with amazing renditions of written in the leaves and les éclairs.

When sandboy himself pays tribute to the work of gerd (with gracious vocals of UK soul diva vanessa freeman) and plastyc buddha by reinterpretating so real, a song of the forthcoming "new perspectives" album of gerd and bain mousse, we are rediscovering the musicality and the rich textures that make Meggles productions so special and singular.

To complete this wide circle of emotions and atmospheres, sandboy wanted to go beyond this reflection on each others work by displaying the subtle art of collaborations and featurings, offering 2 brand new tracks recorded especially for this album. Listen carefully to the 2 opening tracks here cause call out (recorded with low budget soul`s voice Randolph Matthews) and Common Cause (recorded with the gracious Sonar Kollektiv artist Clara Hill) are far from being 2 unreleased fillers. These tracks themselves justify the human and artistic accomplishment and the natural path of sandboy and the generous people he met on his road. Much more than a remix compilation, this album stands for itself - a sound journey of its own kind.