15th Anniversary Tracks

Online Released On: Sep 05, 2005
Released By: Giant Step

release description

Every week during Giant Step's 15 anniversary celebrations, two new tracks were added to this playlist: One new and one classic. We hope you enjoy!

New: Lewis Taylor - Stoned Pt. 1

Taking almost a decade for his dark soul grooves to reach America, the music of Lewis Taylor has finally reached US shores. Taken from his debut album 'Stoned,' "Stoned Pt. 1" will give the listener a taste of what the UK has been praising for quite some time.

New: Our Theory - Midsummer Sun

Taken from Our Theory's self-titled debut album, "Midsummer Sun's" surreal landscape is shot through with muttering voices and keyboard samplings that appear to call the trumpet of Truffaz and tenor of Ersahin out of the ethereal.

New: Kudu - Playing House

Marrying wicked voodoo rhythm to lucid pop expression, Kudu crank it out "Playing House," taking from 'Death of the Party.'

New: AC Lewis - Tickles (Vocal Mix)

Founding member of SunTzu Sound, AC Lewis, aims straight for the dancefloor and drops 'Tickles', a broken beat-dancehall-pop bombshell featuring Vancouver based MC Ndidi Cascade.

New: Mobius Band - Twilight

Taken from a record finds the band at their best, soldering hard-hitting drums and expansive guitars to the gorgeous electronics, "Twilight" exposes a wry take on the corruption of the modern world.

New: Lover Trio In Dub - Lovers Rockers

Set to be released in early 2006, this track comes from the forthcoming Love Trio In Dub album, 'Love Trio In Dub feat. U-Roy,' that features accomplished musicians Ilhan Ersahin, Jesse Murphy, Kenny Wollesen and U-Roy.

New: Morcheeba - Lighten Up

With new singer Daisy Martey replacing Skye Edwards, "Lighten up" delivers pure pop that showcases more charismatic and lighter vocals.

New: Jneiro Jarel- Do Yo Thang

Taken from his debut album 'Three Piece Puzzle," "Do Yo Thang" features Jneiro's futuristic-retro sound and versatility as a musician.

New: Suffrajett - Mr. Man

Another track from Giant Step Records Suffrajett, this song showcases the band's visceral energy.

New: SiSe - More Shine (Ursula 1000 Remix)

Turning the atmospheric vibe down a notch and adding a festive air, this track has Ursula 1000 remixing the infectious "More Shine."

New: Balkan Beat Box - Bulgarian Chicks

Taken from their debut album, "Bulgarian Chicks" showcases Balkan Beat Box's vision on full display with percussive brass sounds that will get the heart pumping.

New: Nickodemus - Give The Drummer Some

Employing the lyrical skills of MC's Stimulus & Dionysos and long time collaborator Nappy G, Nickodemus' "Give The Drummer Some" is a full fledged dance floor work out. A warm bassline bounces about with Nappy G's signaturepercussion keeping the track moving for the two MCs to wax poetic on this summery classic.

New: Suffrajett - Tricky Love

A hard hitting rock track from Giant Step Records newcomers Suffrajett. This song is on their recently released self-titled EP with lead singer/power girl, Simi, providing searing vocals.

New: Jiva - Free Falling

This track comes from Jiva's debut album 'Sun Moon' available on Japanese import. It features Amanda William's equisite vocals and a sunny samba feel that brings a touch of Brazil to Atlanta.

Classic: Seek - Surrender

Featuring a gorgeous chord arrangement and ad-lib vocals that'll brighten any rain-sodden winter's day, "Surrender" comes from a band that fuses classic sounds with the latest cutting-edge musical nuances, seek.

Classic: Donnie - Rocketship

Taken from Donnie's debut album 'The Colored Section,' "Rocketship" showcases Donnie's voice, a voice that recalls Stevie Wonder at his most euphoric and Donny Hathaway at his most tortured

Classic: Nuyorican Soul - Runaway

A musical journey that will take you through lands of legend, as yet uncharted territories, breaking boundaries and broadening minds along the way, this track comes from the all-star crew, Nuyorican Soul.

Classic: Jiva - Stars (Tauriva Mix)

Ripping this one up for both the dancefloor thriller and home set, Tauriva remixes Jiva's "Stars."

Classic: Agent K - Rideaway Getaway

"The Herbie Hancock of our generation," this track is taken from Agent K's debut, 'Feed the Cat.'

Classic: Ultra Naté - Twisted

Taken from her fourth album 'Stranger Than Fiction,' 4 Hero-produced "Twisted," features jazz and garage infused sounds from sultry song-vixen Ultra Naté.

Classic: Jody Watley - Saturday Night Experience

Taken from 'Midnight Lounge," "Saturday Night Experience's" warm sounds, reflective lyrics and Jody's Grammy winning vocals, will undoubtedly make bodies move on dance floors.

Classic: BB Boogie - Tell Him

A re-make of Roy Ayers' classic and produced by Daz I Kue and Cliff Scott for Bugz in the Attic, BB Boogie "Tell Him" features the vocal stylings of Andrea Clark and Twin Rems (Dee, Miriam, and Deena).

Classic: Nickodemus & Osiris - Mariaposa

"Mariposa" (Spanish for Butterfly) highlights the voice of Si*Se siren Carol C. Nickodemus and Carol C. had teamed up before on the classic and much licensed track "Cleopatra", released in early 2000.

Classic: Cark Hancock Rux - Ground

From the long awaited sophomore album 'Apothecary RX,' "Ground" showcases Carl Hancock Rux's talents as both a supreme rapper and poet capable of crafting music that is truly beautiful and moving.

Classic: Dana Bryant - Margaret (Second Cousin)

"Margaret (Second Cousin)" comes from Dana Bryant's debut album 'Wishing From the Top.' Filled with heart and soul, Dana Bryant was the first woman to be named Grand Slam champion at the Nuyorican Café.

Classic: Groove Collective - Lift Off

A hit single for the Groove Collective on their sophomore album, 'We the People.' The track was written by Itaal Schur who went on to write Santana's "Smooth," featuring the sultry vocals of Vinia Mojica of De La Soul fame.

Classic: Donnie - Cloud 9

This song comes from Donnie's legendary debut album, "The Colored Section,"released on Giant Step Records in November 2002. This track is about his hair and was featured in the film, Brown Sugar, starring Taye Diggs, Mos Def and Queen Latifah.

Classic: Jocelyn Brown - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Nuyorican Soul did a remake of the classic Rotary Connection for their 1997 album Nuyorican Soul. You are listening to the remix by 4Hero which captures the spirt of that time with elements of drum and bass, strings and incredible vocal harmonies.