CD Released On: Oct 03, 2005
Released By: Pantone Music

release description

Pantone Music proudly present their second long player from the richly experienced and equally versatile Yukihiro Fukutomi. His latest long player (number 9) entitled 'Equality' is his most broadly appealing, reaching out to London, Philadelphia, Gothenburg and Tokyo for a helping hand.

The vision of 'Equality' is to bring together the artists from all corners of the globe. From Philly the urban poet Rich Medina takes the verbal stance on today's social pressure's with the echo's of Gil Scott Heron over a blissed out broken groove. The voice of the 4-hero anthem then hold it down and King Britt, Sylk 130 collaborator Lady Alma, screams the house down on two soulful jams with organic energy and electric delight finding firm favourite on Norman Jay's Giant 45 radio show and on Danny Krivit's in the house cd for Defected and Dimitri from Paris' brand new Southport weekender cd.

East London crooner Victor Davies also teams up for some pure samba soul on the appropriately titled "All over the world" whilst the uk influence is strong on the west London flavour with"Road too Nowhere" and "Continuous Function" having the broken beat spine with the help of Japanese guest musicians from Jafrosax and Sleepwalker for added slickness. The tougher 4/4 beats are present with"Equality part 2" and "The Tambour" shows that diversity does not mean a let up in quality. Sweden's Ernesto team up with Isabella Antena to welcome us into a new season with a beautiful harmonious Brazilian flavour with "Love is to blame" and"Cat and mouse" and to underline a all round solid summer soundtrack conceived by Tokyo's favourite rising sun.

The CD features two bonus tracks as long time admirer Dimitri From Paris who remix's Peace and London's Blackbeard drop the beats on the title track 'Equality' for added phatness. From working with Blaze on his last long player Fukutomi's widespread recognition and respect throughout the international music circuit.