Paris Blue

CD Released On: Sep 20, 2005
Released By: Rendezvous Entertainment

release description

In the seven years between Paris Blue and his first album, From There To Here, Kyle established himself on the Paris jazz scene. In the meanwhile he composed tracks for films such as "Mystic River" (2003) and "Million Dollar Baby" (2004).

"Big Noise (from Winnetka)," the first track from Paris Blue, sets the tone for the record with an energetic drumbeat and a repeated whistled melody. "Big Noise" invokes a smoky Paris nightclub in the '20s, while the second track, "Marrakech," is immediately contemporary. This juxtaposition of styles displays Kyle's comfort with classic as well as contemporary jazz, and both feel perfectly at home on the album.

As someone who has had myriad opportunities to shine in many different careers, Kyle Eastwood has truly carved his own path as a musician whose playing reflects the richness and diversity of his life experience. Paris Blue is the work of a musician and band who are not only in tune with a broad audience, but who first and foremost love playing music.

Tour Dates:

9/18 Monterey Jazz Fest

9/21 Viper Room, Hollywood

9/28 Café Metropol, Downtown LA

9/29 Temple Bar, Santa Monica

10/1 Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival

10/2 Temecula Jazz Festival

10/19 JVC Jazz Festival, Paris, France



"Their sound is definitely going to cross over to a variety of audiences because of the impeccable artistry of the players and the appeal of its set list which is contemporary jazz, 1970s early-fusion, world music and contemporary dance floor technology, jointly composed and programmed by Eastwood and Michael Stevens." — Sounds of Timeless Jazz (Live Show Review)