...As Iron Sharpens Iron

CD Released On: Oct 21, 2003
Released By: Basementalism Records

release description

The Procussions have finally released the long awaited debut LP, '...As Iron Sharpens Iron'. The title reflects how the three members have traveled together on one path, developing each other as musicians. Two distinct parts of this album stand out: the variety of production - mixing different sounds and instruments in each track, and the powerful messages - driving intensity and purpose in each lyric. Spaced with jazzy, Rhodes-driven interludes, these songs revive Hip Hop to a time of positivity. This independent release is the first full-length project on Basementalism Records, a label started for The Procussions. '...As Iron Sharpens Iron' is a sure shot among hip hoppers looking for something original in today's mess of monotonous lyrics and pop-radio beats.