CD Released On: Oct 25, 2005
Released By: Naked Music

release description

'Cherry' is an appealing album that frequently finds the singer-songwriter floating light, airy melodies and soft vocals over deep, plunging bass lines...soft-serve sonics." - The Metro Weekly, Washington DC

Lisa Shaw is an urban siren and her voice is ubiquitous in the dance music realm - she has graced the songs of many artists for the innovative label Naked Music. Shaw's first solo tune was the smooth and sexy "Always" and it quickly became an underground classic. The New Yorker then went on to collaborate with production wizards Blue Six, Central Living, Petalpusher, and Aquanote. 'Cherry' is the first full album by Lisa and it's about time.

Like the red fruit the record is named for, Shaw's sound is surprising but always leaves a sweet aftertaste. The sparkle on top comes from producers Jay Denes and Eric Satamile, two of the architects of the deep Naked Music sound. Shaw has also teamed up with creative types like Scott Hardkiss, Herbert, Joey Negro and Swingsett on original tracks and remixes. Listen up closely because Lisa Shaw's sensual singing style and musical prowess on 'Cherry' will lighten up any dark winter day that may lay ahead.