Space Shift

CD Released On: Oct 04, 2005
Released By: Sound In Color

release description

Steve Spacek, the acclaimed voice behind the ground-breaking genre-pushing group Spacek, who were championed by everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Mos Def, presents his debut solo album with Sound In Color. It's his great American album, produced largely in Los Angeles.

Old partner Morgan from Spacek provided a few beats (check second single "3 Hours of Fun") and J Dilla produced the monster "Dollar", but the bulk of the beats were created by Steve. The legendary song writer Leon Ware also makes a guest appearance in the brilliant duet "Smoke". Future soul just got way sexier.



" new meaning to the phrase space funk." — Rolling Stone

"The most futuristic soul group of our modern age" — The Fader Magazine

"Dollar is what curtis mayfield would be doing today !....Steve Spacek's best performance!" — King Britt

"Spacek is the Radiohead of Soul" — Style