Chapter One: Nubian Voyager

CD Released On: Oct 04, 2005
Released By: Triloka / Artemis

release description

They say that the scales of justice lean towards those who carry weight." - Introduction to "Solide"

The natural beauties Helene and Celia Faussart of the Grammy-nominated French duo Les Nubians are embarking on a new chapter in their musical legacy with a remarkable project: 'Echos, Chapter One: Nubian Voyager,' a collection of poetic tales wrapped in Afro-soul and jazzy nuances. Along the way you will be introduced to local slam talents, French wordsmiths and the ancient tradition of the Griot, the sacred African storyteller and oral historian. As if that wasn't enough, the album also features three new tracks including "Rendezvous" with John Banzai and previously unreleased live versions and remixes from their groundbreaking debut album, 'Princesses Nubiennes.'

Conceived while on a boat journey to Nubia (a region of southern Egypt and Sudan in Africa), the poems all come together to form one narrative - the story of the "Nubian Voyager." On songs like "NYC," "Fire" and "Heaven" relevant themes of our times like race and poverty are raised. The album features passionate words and vocals in both French and English. Well known local US poets include Kasema Kalifah (Atlanta), Queen GodIs (New York/Brooklyn), Jamarhl Crawford (Boston), Chuma & Fisiwe Zwana (Atlanta/Brooklyn) and Nazelah Jameson (Oakland). Whether or not you speak French, the flow of songs convey the passion and soul of this unique project that is rooted in native African musical tradition and will undoubtedly become a part of the fabric of your life too.