The Remixes 2002-2005

CD  Released On: Dec 06, 2005
Released By: Sonar Kollektiv

release description

The Berlin-based production collective Jazzanova was united by a huge love of deep jazz sounds and that's the fabric running through their new remixes album. Even though the group has focused more on their own productions and collaborations lately, the band initially made a name for themselves via their eclectic remixes. In fact their 'The Remixes 1997 - 2000' album, the pre-curser to 'The Remixes 2002 - 2005,' was greeted with such enthusiasm and critical acclaim that it quickly became one of the essential electronic albums to own for any serious fan of nu-jazz, broken beat and future soul.

As always, Jazzanova cover a lot of ground and genres on 'The Remixes 2002 - 2005.' Heavy's "Wonderlove (For Minnie)" recalls late 70s uptempo soul numbers with its sweeping strings and disco-friendly beats. Masters At Work and Roy Ayers' collaboration on "Our Time Is Coming" has become a broken beat / house masterpiece in the hands of Jazzanova. The band's influence on the scene has been truly worldwide - that's perhaps why their trademark production skills have been requested by the likes of Brazilian legend Marcos Valle, British soul talent Shaun Escoffery, Finish quintet Nuspirit Helsinki and New Zealand's Fat Freddys Drop who all appear on this CD. 'The Remixes 2002 - 2005' is an appropriate sequel to their previous album and even though the number of remixes have dropped, the quality certainly has not.