CD Released On: Sep 06, 2005
Released By: HackTone Records/Shout! Factory

release description

British all around artist Lewis Taylor doesn't easily fit into a cookie-cutter genre and it's taken him almost a decade for his dark soul grooves to reach America. Despite glowing reviews and a passionate cult of fans including Elton John, D'Angelo, Esthero, Timbaland and David Bowie, Taylor's psychedelic soul never really got the opportunity to be widely heard.

That is about to change now. Stoned is a special new package of Taylor's UK album 'Stoned, Pt 1' but it includes five additional tracks to get Americans caught up. The title cut, "Positively Beautiful" and "Back Together" show the experimental rock side of his brain while other tunes are quieter soul numbers. Taylor's music revisits raw seventies funk, swirling Beach Boys harmonies and Marvin Gaye style heartache, sometimes all in one single track. As a triple threat - a singer/songwriter, instrumentalist and producer - the Brit is said to possess a natural ease and musical depth seen in legends like Stevie Wonder. With 4-star reviews from USA Today, Mojo, Q and Uncut, get ready to discover this talented artist and his album, which The LA Weekly called "one of the finest albums of the year."


Stoned Pt. 1 (Quick Time)



"... Brian Wilson ... Stevie Wonder ... Jimi Hendrix ... believe it or not, the man belongs in their league. You can't go wrong with this album." — Los Angeles Daily News

"Taylor's got what appears to be an unfairly natural gift for cherry-picking sexy,humid melodies out of the air,inventing tweedling rock guitar lines and easily whipping up hot buttered soul...Right now it's hard to think of a genre that can ably contain him." — Billboard

"a highly listenable soul album that pays tribute to the classic soul musicians...but doesn't sound like a trite retread of their music." — San Francisco Examiner