Vertically Challenged

CD Released On: Nov 15, 2005
Released By: Chocolate Industries

release description

'Vertically Challenged' finds Lady Sovereign definitely doing her own thing, showcasing her incredibly varied flow and animated voice across a multivariance of bottom-heavy beats that could only emerge from the UK urban underground.

The EP features eight songs (including the hits "Random," "Ch-Ching," and "A Little Bit of Shhh!") and a DVD of videos, live footage, and behind-the-scenes interviews. Reflective of the diverse fan base that Lady Sovereign has developed, the Beastie Boys' Ad Rock presents an exclusive remix of "A Little Bit of Shhh!" and Chocolate Industries' own Ghislain Poirer is on hand to rework "Fiddle With the Volume."

Regardless of gender or generation, you can be assured that Sovereign's making the kind of noise that will see her reign supreme. Feminine? Nah, Sovereign!



"Imagine Eminem as an 18-year-old female in South London." — Time Out Chicago

"Her mic skills are undeniable." — SPIN Magazine

"Sovereign's also a star, something that's apparent the minute you clap eyes on her." — SPIN Magazine