The Revelation Is Now Televised

CD Released On: Jan 31, 2005
Released By: BBE Music

release description

V's debut "The Revelation Is Now Televised" (T.R.I.N.T.) has the makings of a future classic from the inspiring "Would You Be Mine," & "Confess" that deal with courtships to the spine tingling "Born Again," featuring his close associate Jill Scott. Not a stranger to dance music through his past work with Masters At Work, V step's it up a notch and takes it to the dance floor on "Anotha Phase" touching on meaningless encounters. V's diversity as a writer shines through on the album with a healthy balance of songs that not only deal with relationships & heartbreak. On "Who would I Be" and "Picture This" we find V painting a picture of a better world aided by opportunity to make a difference. T.R.I.N.T. is a testament to the soul that modern R&B has lost.

The T.R.I.N.T. album was created at Jazzy Jeff's legendary Philadelphia studio, A Touch of Jazz that has been responsible for developing world-class talent. There V not only worked on his debut but he also built an impressive resume highlighted by both production and writing on Musiq Soulchild's "Juslisen", Will Smith's "Big Willie Styles," and co-writing a song for Justin Timberlake's mega-selling "Justified" album. V's style is the blueprint of the Philly sound, he's been there in the background, writing for quite a while, he's also had a strong influence on the likes of Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and Billal all of whom have collaborated with him. In fact right now, he's touring with Jill. Having accomplished a tremendous amount for others at a Touch of Jazz, V decided it was finally time to launch his own journey as an artist by recording "The Revelation is Now Televised." It's been a long time coming. Those in the inner circle of the soul scene have known about V for eons, mainly through word of mouth, his songwriting or his live appearances. Now with his stunning debut album the rest of the world can discover this amazing new talent.