The Past Presents the Future

CD Released On: Sep 27, 2005
Released By: Wichita / World's Fair

release description

There has been a lot of changes both personally and professionally for Marc. After living in Austin, Texas for nearly three years, he decided to move back to California. He packed his bags and settled in to a little house in the middle of nowhere in Northern California. He began recording tracks for his latest effort 'The Past Presents The Future.' In extreme isolation and creative re-evaluation, the content of the Her Space Holiday sound and meaning became much broader than on his previous works. Though some of the "staple" Her Space Holiday elements remain present, (minimal guitars, string arrangements, and simple beats) the lyrics have morphed from short sided, one person perspectives, into short stories starring characters and imagery that we all can find in our daily lives. In the end, leaving the listener feeling like they have experienced a collection of parables rather than a stack of confessions. Desperation has been replaced by hope, and denial with responsibility.

The songs on 'The Past Present's The Future' are not any less personal then those on the previous Her Space Holiday albums. The difference this time around, is rather then feeling like you are looking into the life of one songwriter, you walk away with a sense of getting a deeper glimpse into the world around you.

Ever conscious of the visual representation of Her Space Holiday, Marc has teamed up again with long time friend, and Young Machines designer Hanni el Khatib. whose design credits include (contributions to Neomu, t shirt designs for Huf, Influx magazine, Amnesty International, Nike,EA Games to name a few).

While awaiting the release of The Past Presents The Future, Marc has also been hard at work doing remixes for Bright Eyes, Boom Bip, Kid 606, American Analog Set, and Idiot Pilot. With many more to come before the end of this year.

There are so many projects on the table for Her Space Holiday and Marc Bianchi right now, that sleep doesn't really seem to be an option. Besides the upcoming 6 month world tour that is in the works to promote The Past Presents The Future, and a pile of remix offers, Marc and long time friend/collaberator Hanni el Khatib will also be launching a new record label and production team under the title "Money Fight." The label philosophy behind Money Fight is rather unique. It is not to make money, rather only releasing white label 12"'s that feature musical collaborations between Her Space Holiday and Street Price (Hanni's project). The records will not be available in stores, they will be handed out strictly to dj's in major markets, as well as sold at Her Space Holiday/Street Price shows for wholesale. It's making music for the sake of people hearing it. Pure and simple. The production side of Money Fight will consist of collaboratively lending their vastly different musical styles to other artists in the form of remixes and album production. The two of them will also be collaborating on a design/short story book that is slated for release in the summer of '06.

The development of Her Space Holiday has been a slow and sometimes unusual process. Like most unplanned events, it just keeps on going. From the bedroom to the boardroom.