In The Red

CD Released On: Jan 24, 2006
Released By: Defend Music

release description

You know how it works: pretty female singer gets signed by a big record company, marketing men crank into gear, playlists are secured, key territories identified, support slots booked, budgets are spent and, with a bit of luck and a prevailing wind, you've got a hit. That's how the record business works. But Tina Dico sees it differently. Releasing her music herself in an age of gimmicks and payola, text-in talent contests and image-first/music-second rock posturing, Tina Dico managed to make it on her own simply through the strength of her songs.

Taking this strength to her first international full length, Tina Dico, who is known as the voice of Zero 7, delivers In the Red, an emotionally honest record, full of finely wrought tunes and riveting, bold choruses. Inspired by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, The Verve and Joni Mitchell, for Tina Dico, music is her way of trying to connect to people. It is this desire to connect that sets Tina at a level above the rest, where with each listen, you find yourself hearing more than just music, but something deeper.



"In the Red is an emotional journey, with themes of heartbreak and love leading the way." — Billboard