Mellow Dramas

CD Released On: Jan 01, 1970
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There is an old saying that form follows function. However, if a form does not exist, specifically an art form, one must be invented. And so it is with profound imagination and deft candor that JEN conjures up not just the words she uses to paint stark, real emotions, but also the framework to suspend her art.

One day in her hometown of Washington D.C., (USA), JEN started to write her poems using a musical background to create athmosphere. But the music became crystallized inside the syllables and fused to the words' intent - so much that when JEN read the lines back by themselves, they seemed naked. Consequently, she added music back into the mix, and the words regained their resonance and began to breathe with rhythm and tone.

It was then when she contacted German dj / producer George Solar in Cologne, Germany by e-mail. JEN had bought a compilation that featured music crafted by George, and she decided that this music would suit her words just fine. JEN sent her poetry on CD-R across the Atlantic, and George was amazed and touched by JEN's voice and the loving power of her poetry right on the spot.

George started to produce several tracks, incorporating JEN's labour of love in music crafted by his various projects (solar moon, rubbasol), and the magic was happening right there. george immediately decided to produce a solo album for JEN and distributed her poems (on MP3) to various gifted producer- and dj friends of his.

The new album, "Mellow Dramas" features top German electronica producers like Kieser & Velten (G-Stone), Can 7 (Peppermint Jam), Razoof (Nesta Recordings), Ralf GUM (Gogo music), CRISP, Raw Artistic Soul, Solar Moon, Sugar Beat, Rubbasol, and German top jazz trumpet player Christoph Titz provide the tantalizing ground for JEN's unpolished poetry diamonds to shine on. The "Mellow Dramas" phenomenon is in full effect...