Terror Firma

CD Released On: Nov 11, 2005
Released By: Backwoodz Studioz

release description

The Reavers are: Vordul Mega, Akir, Hasan Salaam, Dom Pachino, Billy Woods, Keith Masters, Karniege, Kong, Spiga, Priviledge, & Goldenchild.

Perhaps not since the emergence of the Wu-Tang Clan has there been a hip-hop group of this magnitude. The Reavers are a supergroup like no other, eleven amazing MC's, weilding a dizzying array of styles. Eleven strugglers brought to together by backwoodz studioz to march on the fortresses of the status quo. Eleven child soliders charging into the void, with nothing but a burning blunt to light the way. Kings, beggars, thugs, prophets, heathens, philosophers, drunks, healers, killers and poets are all among the Reavers ranks. And TERROR FIRMA is where we live.