Alternately Deep

CD Released On: Mar 21, 2006
Released By: Big Dada

release description

Rodney Smith (a.k.a. Roots Manuva) is not a man to sit idly by while his hit records roll off the shelf. He gets inspired, and when inspired he has to do something about it. As evidence of this check out the fantastic 'Dub Come Save Me' (BD40/BDCD40) which followed up his sophomore release 'Run Come Save Me' (BD32/BDCD32). It is an amazing collection of unreleased gems and tricked out versions of tracks from the album.

Well with a proper third album under his belt, 'Awfully Deep' (BD72/BDCD72), Roots Manuva get an itchy trigger finger and needs to fire off another round of Rootylicious goodness to compliment this great album. This is how we are lucky enough to present to you 'Alternately Deep'.

All recorded during the 'Awfully Deep' sessions the tracks on this release show an edgier, more stripped down side to Roots Manuva's soul searching. Track's like 'No Love', 'Double Drat', 'Things We Do' and 'Pep My Game' have been released in extremely limited forms (either as bonus cuts on singles or exclusive downloads) and the other 8 tracks have never seen the light of day. Until now. Things are getting alternately deep.