Beatboxes At Dawn

CD Released On: May 29, 2006
Released By: The Consumers Research & Development Label

release description

E.Moss has put together five instrumental hip-hop epics for Consumers, all of which will add to the legend of producers/DJs making hip-hop tracks that can stand on their own.

"Imperius Rex" begins the record - it's a straight up old-school track, showcasing both a booming uptempo beat and furious scratching. Deep and haunting, "Your Life Right Here" features a simple piano melody that repeats as the beat builds around it. "Back To The Edit" is a shout to the old school 'cut 'n' paste' pioneers, showcasing E.Moss' skills at rearranging music and vocals.

"Watch The Skies" (Revisited)," a reworking of his first Atmos single, is divided in two parts - it begins on the mellow tip, then leads to an explosive finale that expands upon the original beat. "Chopin Beats And Droppin' Brahms" is exactly what the title implies - classical music quirkily reinterpreted in a hip-hop style. The EP also includes two remixes - one from Indianapolis up-and-comer Scott Matelic, who takes "Chopin Beats..." through a furious drum workout; the other features old-school legend Steinski, who reinterprets "Back To The Edit," a track that was actually inspired by him and his peers from days way back.