Keep It Unreal (02.27.06)

Online Released On: Feb 27, 2006
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Mr. Scruff Mix

Taken from 'Keep It Unreal' at the Music Box in Manchester, 4th Feb 2006.
1. Kay Robinson 'The lord will make a way somehow' (King)
2. David Batiste 'Funky soul' (Funk Your Popcorn)
3. The Total Eclipse 'Loneliness' (Brunswick)
4. Impossible Dreamers 'Spin' (100 Things To Do)
5. Clyde Alexander 'Got to get your love' (Heavenly Star)
6. Avonn 'Everybody get down' (RBL)
7. Banda Uniao Black 'Africa hot band' (Commonfolk)
8. Wack wack Rhythm Band 'Bermuda blowback' (Jasrac)
9. Mombasa 'African Hustle' (Intercord)
10. Pleasure 'Spread that feelin' all around' (Fantasy)
11. Status IV 'You ain't really down' (TMT)
12. Jazzanova 'Hey baby' (Sonarkollektiv)
13. Delgui feat Colonel Red 'Let that sound out (Gerd mix)' (4Lux)
14. Jazzanova 'Boom Klicky Boom Klack (Mr. Scruff mix)' (Sonarkollectiv)
15. Quantic 'Tell it like you mean it' (Tru Thoughts)
16. Natural Self 'The calling' (Breakin' Bread)
17. Jaziac Sunflowers "Spacehopper" (Black on Black)
18. Down to the Bone "Angel Baby (Daz-I-Kue mix)" (Giant Step)
19. Model 500 'No Ufo's' (Metroplex)
20. Extended Family "Ulysses" (Auto)
21. Messengers 'Beautiful sun 2005' (Messenger)

*Show separated into ~15 minute segments (Note: A few seconds of delay is present between segments)