Basement Boys Present Mudfoot Jones

CD Released On: Apr 11, 2006
Released By: Savoy Jazz Worldwide

release description

Mudfoot has appeared on the world's great stages with artists from Murph and the Magictones and The Rutles to The Thamesmen and, for one event most involved would probably prefer to forget, a VH1 tribute to The Electric Mayhem starring Nigel Tufnel . He's traveled the globe many times over as a legendary sideman with just about everybody who is somebody, but somehow—thanks to the vagaries of the record industry—he never made a solo album.

That all changed early last year on a flight to Japan, when Mudfoot just happened to be seated next to Teddy Douglas, who has been a Mudfoot fan since he was about eight. Even though Mudfoot kept complaining that he was "too old for this sort of nonsense" and "just wanted to catch a few Z's," Douglas persisted, and spent twelve straight hours detailing his vision of a collaboration with Mud. Just before their flight landed and the two parted ways to go to their individual gigs, Mudfoot agreed to record with the Basement Boys. Call it kismet, then: at long last, Mudfoot went into the studio for his first solo effort, with writing and producing from the Basement Boys. The end result is a magical mix of the blues, jazz, gospel, and Latin rhythms: 14 tracks of down-home, get-up and get-down music.