Dirty Old Hip Hop

CD Released On: Mar 21, 2006
Released By: BBE Records

release description

Following on from 'How About A Game of Chess' one of the most sought after download only albums of 2005 and short listed as one of Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Albums of the year, producer Marc Mac follows on with his latest production project 'Visioneers - Dirty Old Hip Hop.'

Visioneers music is the sound of Hip Hop and Jazz in a head-on collision, a definition which reaches its climax on tracks like, "Ike's Mood I" and versions of the classic Nas "The World Is Yours" and Pharcyde's "Runnin." The project features the talents of Brad Somatik and 4hero drummer Luke Parkhouse and features guest vocals from rappers Capitol A and Voice.

Marc explains, "The Visioneers idea was in my head long before we recorded the first record. Visioneers is not a band, it's a studio project. I wanted to pay respect to hip hop producers like Jazzy Jeff, Jay Dee and Pete Rock for introducing me to Jazz and I needed to produce the tracks like hip hop records that sound phat in a club and not like dinner Jazz, its about reclaiming Jazz."