The Kings of Jazz (Selected by Jazzanova & Gilles Peterson)

2-CD  Released On: Mar 21, 2006
Released By: BBE Records/Rapster Records

release description

The Kings Of... series continues to bring you the forgotten and neglected gems of the music world. Each of the previous volumes has explored a different genre (Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House) and each has coupled luminaries of the genre to choose tracks that have influenced or been special to them in some way. This, the fifth volume, ventures into the vast world of Jazz. The 2xCD pairs influential DJ/Broadcaster Gilles Peterson with producer/remix collective Jazzanova to bring you a selection of their favorite tracks.

Gilles Peterson's selection: 'The History'

Gilles delves deep into his extensive library, digging up tracks like the blues-tinged saxophone recording of John Coltrane or the slow piano of Bill Evans (which ends the CD perfectly) to up-tempo pieces such as "Anthenagin" and a laid-back version of "My Favorite Things" by Mark Murphy. Peterson visits every decade from the 50's to the 80's and turns up an array of under-appreciated tracks by some of the most important names in jazz.

Jazzanova's selection: 'The Present'

The Jazzanova side explores a range of contemporary styles that have been influenced by jazz and given different names from broken beat to jazz-house and electronica. They choose everything from Innerzone Orchestra's upbeat electro-jazz "At Les" to more traditional pieces like 4 hero's modern jazz classic "Spirits In Transit." Also included are a live version of Bembe Segue's "Mother Of The Future" and Hedvig Hanson's lantin tinged "Afro White".