Music Lounge Radio - 3/14/06

Online Released On: Mar 14, 2006
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(1) Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada "La Lucha Sique" (Aire Sol)

(2) 50hz feat Ladi6 "Seek Know More" (Kartel)

(3) Boozoo Bajou feat Joe Dukie & U-Brown "Take It Slow" (K7)

(4) J.Rawls Presents...The Liquid Crystal Project "Heart Throb" (P-Vine)

(5) Nonameko "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Loud Minority Music)

(6) Venus Malone "Eye On the Prize" (Groove Attack)

(7) A Tribe Called Quest "Stressed Out Rmx" (Jive)

(8) A Tribe Called Quest feat Jay Dee "That Shit" (Loud)

(9) InI "Grown Man Sport" (BBE)

(10) Junior Soul "Super Love" (PK3)

(11) Roy Ayers Ubiquity "Hummin‚" (Polydor)

(12) War "Sing a Happy Song" (United Artists)

(13) Jerryo "Soul Lover" (White Whale)

(14) The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band "Spreadin‚ Honey" (Keymen)

(15) Kool & The Gang "Dujii" (De-Lite)

(16) Donny Hathaway "The Ghetto Part 1" (ATCO)

(17) Joe Blaxx "Donny‚s Groove" (CDR)

(18) Large Pro "After School" (Paul Sea)

(19) Group Home/Dj Premier "2 Thousand" Instrumental (Unique)

(20) Marc Mac Presents Visioneers "The World Is Yours" (Omniverse/BBE)

(21) All Natural "Queens Get the Money Remix" Instrumental (all natural inc.)

(22) Dj Ian Head "Somedays" (CDR)

(23) Luiz Arruda Paez "Upa Neguinho" (Blue Note)

(24) Papete "Cavalacanga" (Universal Sound)

(25) Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers "Cubano Chant" (Columbia)

(26) Chick Corea "Litha" (Atlantic)

*Show separated into ~15 minute segments (Note: A few seconds of delay is present between segments)

*Photo by: n.corren conway/