New Release: 3:33 – ‘The First Thousand Days’ + Free Album Download


In preparation for their November album, Live From The Grove, 3:33 has released a special project entitled The First Thousand Days, which is dope enough to really just be its own full length project.

Described as intensely experiential, 3:33 aims to take the listener on an exploration of existence itself with this project. You might compare it to the soundtrack to your favorite RPG, riddled with the cinematic landscape of mystery and haunting secret worlds. “On this journey, you will encounter, hooded figures, invisible trap doors opening and snapping shut. You will find yourself in the midst of a drum circle and watch your inner being twisting, bending in half, head banging, folding into itself and finally blossoming with relief.” It’s not a game. While the digital release is free, the group has also made a limited edition run of 100 cassette tapes they’re selling on Bandcamp.

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