Album Review: Lake Street Dive – ‘Bad Self Portraits’


Words by Amelia Viner

In this dangerously charming medley of pop rock, soul, and folk jazz, Lake Street Dive concocts a spirited brew of love’s fruits and afflictions. Bad Self Portraits is the band’s second full-length album after their 2011 self-titled debut and their 2012 EP, Fun Machine, a collection of cover songs.

Rachael Price’s distinct jazz vocal stands out immediately. Timeless and almost overpowering at first, her vocal performance is rich with conviction and a fiery pizazz which makes it impossible to pull away.

Bad Self Portraits appeals to our untamed, feisty sides with uptempo pulses and pop-heavy shimmy shakes. In their first ever TV performance on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert describes Lake Street Dive as a mix of “pop, jazz, and swing with a little bit of bluegrass.” While spritely, Bad Self Portraits also caters to our weary, love-ridden souls with its ooohs and ahhhs, occasionally exhaling into bluesy, contemplative sighs.

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