Rest In Peace, Chuck Brown


As many may now know, “Godfather of Go-Go” Chuck Brown passed away yesterday in Baltimore at the age of 75. Having been a staple to DC music culture for decades now, go-go was founded by the singer-songwriter and musician as a response to disco in the mid 70′s. The funky dance music was dubbed go-go by Brown due to its non-stop energetic nature that keeps ‘going and going.’

The magnetic performer naturally became focal to the go-go movement and quickly became a local celebrity as the genre cemented its place as a source of pride for DC folks.

“Bustin’ Loose” was the song that put go-go on the map nationally, spending four weeks at the top of R&B charts in 1978. Other local hits included “We Need Some Money,” “Go-Go Swing,” and “Run Joe.”

Chuck and his contributions to the world of funk will not be forgotten. And indeed, go-go will most definitely live on.


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Giant Step’s 20th Anniversary: Groove Academy Flyers (1990-1996)

This short video collage chronicles the shows and events from 1990 through 1996 of the company that preceded Giant Step: The Groove Academy. This is the first time that the flyers and posters of Groove Academy shows have been digitized.

The concept behind The Groove Academy was to give an opportunity for the masters of funk and groove to perform their craft in front of a young audience and new generation of fans as most only knew these artists from samples used in hip-hop and rap. At this time, many of the originators were in fact forgotten in the USA and had to go to Europe and Japan to make a living. The Groove Academy was determined to help re-launch careers in the States and give them their just props!

As time went on and Giant Step was born, The Groove Academy became the concert wing of the company and helped to introduce new artists. By the mid 1990s, The Groove Academy came to an end, putting all events under the unified umbrella of Giant Step.

Stay tuned for more memorabilia as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and please share any memories, feedback, or your own photos from this historic time. To see the individual flyers and posters from this video, view the album on our facebook page.