Wayward Saints’ Future Vintage Available Digitally Today

coverartwsThe Wayward Saints‘ relaxed, jazz-infused sound rides seductively over hypnotic beats to create a unique groove on Future Vintage. This eclectic mix is the creation of two veterans – Presto and Avatar – of the California hip hop scene, whose late-night jam sessions laid the groundwork for the album. Its warm organic overtones signal a departure from the robotic rhythms of Wayward Saints’ urban contemporaries, instead providing the listener with a relaxed atmosphere of luminescent grooves.

With live instrumentation throughout, Presto laces melodies with MiniMoogs, Rhodes keyboards and the ASR-10, while Avatar holds down the low end on bass and rhythm guitar. Jacob Slim, Smile Oak & DJ Rylo round out the roster, contributing lead guitar, saxophone and turntables, respectively. Wayward Saints bridge the old school with the new, creating a sound for cratediggers and wine-tasters alike. The sample-worthy material on their debut album Future Vintage will surely find its place in the crates of DJs and beat afficionados.

Wayward Saints – Ghost Town

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