January Next Step Artist Spotlight: Annabel (lee) & Richard E


Congratulations to Annabel (lee) & Richard E for being our January 2012 Next Step winners!

Combining jazz, folk, and classical, Annabel (lee) & Richard E draw inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe, Debussy, Miles Davis, Nick Drake, and Joni Mitchell to create rich emotive music that touches deeply – “melancholy magic,” they call it.

Annabel and Richard’s story itself is anything but dim. The two met via their MySpace music pages, carried on a six month online courtship, were later kept apart due to visa challenges, and connected the dots between New York City, London, Paris, and California to eventually (finally) tie the knot. Makes for some interesting music, we’d say.

Having just finished mixing their debut album, Annabel (lee) & Richard E: By the Sea and Other Solitary Places, the duo is planning some acoustic gigs around Los Angeles (including at Rockpaper Coffee Co) as well as a single release!

We are delighted to share the new single, “Alone,” to be officially released in a few weeks. An interpretation of an Edgar Allen Poe poem, the song was inspired while Annabel and Richard resided on the South Coast of England in Hastings where Annabel reported hearing “voices.” The recording includes the windows opened “ever so slightly to capture the sound of a subtle wind coming through, hauntingly.” Listen to it below!

For free download is a remix of an original track entitlted “My Mistake” by Siberian house/jazz music producer Cortes (aka Peter Shallmin). Sounding divine.

Annabel (lee) & Richard E – “Alone”

Richard E & Annabel (lee) – “My Mistake” (Cortes Bossavantgarde Mix) [MP3]