December Next Step Winner: Sophia Bastian


NY singer/songwriter Sophia Bastian won our hearts late last year when she debuted her first ever video for “Breaking.” Then at the top of the year she dropped her video for her fantastic Portishead cover she called “Gloryboxed” – watch it after the jump. While catching up on Next Step entries, we were thrilled to find that Sophia was entered into our December 2012 pool of submissions.

A background in classic blues and soul paired with her jazz training and love for hip hop, the heights that Sophia is poised to reach are truly exciting. Her tone is rich and her delivery is potent, reminding us a bit of Amy Winehouse at times. We hope you enjoy the sultry “Makes Me Believe” from her upcoming Juvenile Blues EP below.

Look forward to more shows and music soon!

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“Gloryboxed” video after the jump