New Zealand’s Doprah Give It Up for “Stranger People”


The Internet is a glorious oyster full of musical pearls. Occasionally, too much time passes before you unearth a treasure patiently waiting to be found. Such is the case for Doprah’s “Stranger People,” which seems to have hit their Soundcloud a few months back but only recently made it to our ears. The lead singer reminds us of an edgier Ellie Goulding with the electronic track dancing between ambient and orchestral – a mashup of styles we’re liking quite much.

New Tracks: Yuna – “I Wanna Go” & “Let Love Come Through”


Yuna lays her sweet vocals on two new tracks off her upcoming Sixth Street EP. “I Wanna Go” is a dreamy song about young love with a singing style a bit reminiscent of Ellie Goulding while “Let Love Come Through” is a little more upbeat and electronic.

Look out for Sixth Street on May 7.

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