Video: Coultrain – ‘Between’ (dir. Knny Frsh)


We are overjoyed to share our homie Knny Frsh’s directorial debut on what happens to be an ill prelude to Coultrain’s upcoming album. Watch the video to catch the story of Coultrain’s Seymour Liberty character to date. Really draws you in.

Look out for Jungle Mumbo Jumbo to drop on April 23.

Video: Chester Watson – “Phantom”


Um. We love this kid. Thanks to Fresh Selects for putting us on to the mysterious youngin’ that is Chester Watson. The low key chiming beat provides a perfect landscape for Chester’s effortless flow, which seems to just blend into itself, massaging into your brain over and over.

The song is from a mixtape called Phantom that Chester released at age 15.

Download Phantom on datPiff

New Track: Mo Kolours – “Promise” + MP3


Love the energy and esoteric vibe in this guy’s music. Mo Kolours recently premiered a mesmerizing new track called “Promise” via Fresh Selects. The song is the first single off his upcoming project, EP3: Tusk Dance and is free for download. Immediately upon hitting play, we’re whisked off into a ceremonious, ethereal whirl of percussive glory.

Watch the trailer for EP3: Tusk Dance above.

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