Celebrating Cultural Activism in NYC: APAP Vision 2021 and Globalfest 2011

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Words & Photos By Evangeline Kim

The coming year, if not the next decade, offers great promise for worldly cultural activists, as evidenced by some of the key sessions held during APAP’s recent annual conference at the New York Hilton. (ed: APAP is the Association of Performing Arts Presenters).  Along with Globalfest’s splendid 8th edition at Webster Hall, all served to brighten the horizon towards improved international cultural appreciation and awareness in the U.S. and beyond.

APAP’s theme this year, Vision 2021, was thought-provoking: “2021 begins now. What will the culture of our lives be ten years from now? What are the implications for our work in the arts? What is our role and place in society in the future?” In partial answer to these challenging questions for the performing arts industry “that has at its heart human interaction and creativity,” APAP had programmed 3 outstanding session events for conference attendees.

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