Support the Making of the New Carl Hancock Rux Album, ‘Homeostasis’


Multi-disciplinarian and deep toned musical man Carl Hancock Rux is embarking on what he calls “probably the most ambitious project” he’s ever made. Well, then. Learn more about the album, Homeostasis, above. The sound he describes as an “exploration of jazz and 1960s /70s psychedelic vinyl.” Yes, please, and thanks.

Carl has started a Pledge Music page to raise money for the making and release of Homeostasis. In addition to what comes with your pledge amount, all pledgers will get quite a few perks, which include streams of new songs, videos of Carl recording in the studio, as well as photos of our homeboy kicking’ it at home. Finally, a portion of the pledge money will go to Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, which is a nonprofit “dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Afghanistan through community-based education.”

Lots of winning happening here. Pledges start at only $15 and get you a copy of the new album, hopefully to be released sooner than later! Pledge here.

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New Track: Jenna Andrews – “I Didn’t Mean It”


Seductive songstress Jenna Andrews first wooed us with her “Kiss And Run” single, and now she’s tightening her soul siren grip on us with “I Didn’t Mean It.” The Canadian singer-songwriter will be releasing her debut EP on October 9.

Loving her cooing vocal style and perfect pinch of catchy pop sensibility. She definitely evokes something already familiar – nothing better than music that feels like you’ve always known it.

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