Interview: Party Time with Tortured Soul


After throwing down at their recent Stage 48 show in NYC, Tortured Soul gave us their take on the evening and also offered us some bits on what’s next!

Giant Step: Congratulations on a great night at Stage 48 in NYC earlier this month! What was your highlight of the evening?

John-Christian Urich: Well NYC is my home town (I was born and raised in Manhattan). With all the constant talk about how NYC isn’t what it used to be, it was good to see that that isn’t true if you know the right party to go to. Some old school heads are indeed still around holding down the fort, and coming out to get down on the dance floor (with many new I might add!) and support soulful house and live music.

Giant Step: How was it to share the stage with DJ Spinna? Each collaboration brings about a unique energy – anything in particular that moves you about this synergy?

John-Christian Urich: What is great about Spinna is that he approaches each production he’s involved in as its own special creation. The remixes he has done with us start from scratch. He doesn’t just throw a vocal over some pre-programmed beats and see what happens; he crafts a remix.

The same can be said about the music he chooses to play at a live show. What he decides to play for a Tortured Soul event is different than what he’ll do for one of his other nights. He discussed with us beforehand what we were going to play, what tempo we wanted to start at and various other details, which helped to make the night a better collaboration for us, and a more special night for the audience.

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