The World According to Jonesy Radio Show #32

Jonesy is back at it again with another installment of the ‘The World According To Jonesy’. And in accordance with tradition, Jonesy reminds us that crate digging certainly isn’t dead. Every track featured in this week’s installment is solid gold (so what if Jonesy had to wipe off a few layers of dust to let the true luster come shining out).

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The World According to Jonesy Radio Show #31

Good friend and fellow Time Traveler, Jonesy, is always able to impress his listeners with an epic selection of cuts, from deep funk to cosmic soul classics. The track, “‘Tween the Lines,” by Noel Pointer is especially groovy – it has a George Benson “Breezin’” type feel, inter-sprinkled with funky vocoder melodies that make Daft Punk wish they had taken a lesson from Jonesy’s record collection.

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