Video Premiere: Mark de Clive-Lowe – “Hot Music” (by Soho) + ‘Church’ Album Kickstarter


This fine Monday we are proud to premiere the first of an awesome series by Mark de Clive-Lowe. In what he calls the One Take series, Mark creates music from scratch in just one live film take. The first of the four videos shows the brilliant DJ/producer recreating, remixing, and deconstructing the club classic “Hot Music” by Soho. His tools include a grand piano, drum machine, keyboard and two Korg Kaoss Pads. Join Mark each week as he unveils a new video and continues to awe us just that much more!

We’re also proud to help announce the launch of Mark’s Kickstarter campaign for what will be a Church album! The album, as you might guess, is based off of the inimitable NYC and LA parties by the same name. Contributors to the campaign will have the opportunity to pre-order the album, receive back catalog USB drives, lifetime show tickets for anywhere in the world, private lessons from the man himself, and quite a bit more!

Contribute to Mark’s Church album Kickstarter campaign!

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Video: Alice Smith – Kickstarter Promo for ‘SHE’


We clearly have missed out on the adorable, hilarious charm of miss Alice Smith. In this home video, Alice invites us for a little candid conversation on her new album, her goals, and the purpose of her Kickstarter campaign. All we know is that we love us some Alice a lotta bit more after watching this, if that was even possible.

The new album is called SHE and is planned to be released in early 2013. Now that causes for a celebration – every day – right up until that glorious day in 2013. Who’s with us?!

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Muhsinah to Record First Studio Album, Dear _______

Since we didn’t post this awesome video when it came out a few months back, we’re posting it now in light of Muhsinah’s album fundraising efforts through the trendy new platform Kickstarter. If the project reaches it’s goal of $31K by July 4, Muhsinah will record her first studio album, Dear _____. This Grammy nominated artist is on Thom Yorke’s (Radiohead) current top 10 list, has toured with Common as part of the Universal Mind Control stage show, and has been featured in a plethora of indie releases since her graduation from the Red Bull Music Academy. Find out more about the project or pledge to donate here.