Bands x Brands: Kiesza & Eli “Paperboy” Reed

For our latest installment of Bands x Brands, the two artists we want to highlight are Kiesza and Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Both are very different but also interesting for brands to take a look at.

Kiesza is a great new artist originally from Canada, now residing in NY when not touring. She came onto the scene this year with the wonderfully creative video for “Hideaway” which combines great dance music with her passion for dance. Yesterday, she released the equally catchy “Giant In My Heart” proving she is a new artist to be reckoned with. Kiesza is already working on her own fashion line for the end of 2014.

Eli “Paperboy” Reed might not be as new as Kiesza, but surprisingly he is still pretty unknown in the US. Hailing from Boston, Eli has had huge success in Europe (especially France) touring with his band and releasing albums. In the US, he has been sadly overlooked, so far. With a retro style strongly influenced by late 60s/early 70s Chicago Soul, his sound is strangely familiar yet original too.

Toyota recently used the above track for their RAV4 campaign in the US:

- Maurice Bernstein