MC Busdriver: Not Your “Least Favorite Rapper”


Los Angeles emcee Busdriver follows up 2007′s RoadKillOvercoat with Jhelli Beam (out June 9). On Jhelli Beam, Busdriver’s legendary breath-defying flow teeters precariously on top of samples of classical music, jazz drumming and proggy guitar parts, without ever losing sight of the electronic music that helped define his sound on RoadKillOvercoat.

The legendary underground battle rapper Nocando guests on the classically witty Busdriver track “Least Favorite Rapper,” while Islands’ precocious Nick Thorburn’s influence can be heard on an almost ELO-flavored song “Happy Insider.”  Jhelli Beam is mindfully engaging and physically palpable at the same time – a wholly unique take on what an underground hip hop album should be.

“Least Favorite Rapper”

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