Video: ERIMAJ – “Social Life” (Live At The Loft)


Our friends at Live At The Loft have done it yet again and topped themselves with a lust-worthy video of nostalgic visuals and all too sexy sounds. Featured are none other than some more pals of ours – ERIMAJ. You might remember these folks from their addictive little tune, “Conflict Of A Man,” that we featured last year.

The video above for ERIMAJ’s live performance of “Social Life” is absolutely just rude – can they tone down the awesome like a little, at least? Man – so good, too good – spine tingling bliss.

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Video: Saturn Never Sleeps Perform ‘Live At The Loft’


Another sweet installation from our homies at Live At The Loft. In the above video you’ll find the dreamy Saturn Never Sleeps concocting a melodic atmospheric rapture that we actually had the pleasure of witnessing live. We could think of at least a few activities we wish we were doing while listening to this.

High fives to King Britt and Rucyl for sharing their radical collaborative powers with us. Definitely looking forward to more from this project.

And as always, hats off to our compadres at the Loft. The volunteer run video project brings out some great acts and highlights some dope visual artists at the same time. In addition to Tone, the photo/video crew consists of King Texas, Joseph Marconi, Vinny Picone, Olivia Seally, and Ed Pages. Check em out.

Yay to fun projects that do cool things and support independent artists.

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Video: Muhsinah – “Zombie” (The Cranberries Cover) + Live At The Loft RSVP


So, yesterday we teased you a little about Live At The Loft, huh? We know. You want to go, right? Mmmm hmm, you do. Well, today we have a present for you in the form of a guestlist link. Don’t say we don’t love you.

Also, above you’ll find a very special leak from Muhsinah’s performance at the loft. The original footage from her show can be found after the jump, but this video is something a little different. At the end of her set, Muhsinah actually did a few covers, the above being a chilling rendition of The Cranberries’ “Zombie.” Muhsinah puts on a damn good show – it was tingles and smiles all night.

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Original Muhsinah footage from Live At The Loft after the jump

Video: Afta-1 – “HeyeLAND” ft. Nikko Gray


So, uh – guys. We’ve been super duper holding out on y’all. There’s this secret invite only party we’ve been going to for a few months in Jersey (yeah, Jersey) that is all kinds of amazing. Basically, a talented photographer/videographer by the name of Tone (that many New York heads may be familiar with) started a live music series at his loft featuring upcoming talent called Live At The Loft.

For those unable to snag an invite, we’re going to start sharing some of our favorite videos with you. You’ll definitely want to check out the Live At The Loft site for previous performances, which include Chico Mann, Muhsinah, Jesse Boykins III, Full Crate and Mar, Cubic Zirconia, Melo X, and Fresh Daily. Yep. Thank us later.

Without further ado, here’s one of our favorite recent performances featuring Los Angeles’ Afta-1. The gorgeous video perfectly captured the mellow mood and just dropped last night! This is taking us back and making us relive the sexiness in a whole new way. Very much awesome.

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