Artist Spotlight: Verónica Ferreiro + Exclusive MP3

Photo Credit: TONYMADRID

Based in Madrid, Verónica Ferreiro is a dynamic young galician singer and composer. At age six, she received a cassette player from her parents and began recording her own melodies and lyrics. Coming from a family of musicians, this only came naturally.

In 2008, she began the journey to create her debut album, LAIO, which is set to release this September. In partnership with bassist, producer, and musical director Sergio Fernández, Verónica has created a project that beautifully weaves together jazz, soul, and folk. Blending Spanish and English effortlessly, she borrows sound from anywhere that inspires, “LAIO is roots, culture, heart, nostalgia, humans’ fear and fragility, hope and faith made into music of the purest kind.”

Today, we are pleased to bring you a very special exclusive release: Verónica’s first single from LAIO, “Riverside.”

Verónica Ferreiro – “Riverside” [MP3]


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