Premiere: Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – ‘Zulu Guru Live’ + Download


After getting intimate with Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X with our Road To Zulu Guru interview, we’re thrilled to bring you yet another a treat from the talented duo. Not too long ago, the singer rapper pair gave a live performance at the super cool Converse Rubber Tracks studio. Today we get to premiere three tracks from the evening that comprise a new free Zulu Guru Live EP that we’ve got for the streaming and downloading for you below!

And above, try keeping your composure while watching a video recording from the evening. *Fanning selves*

For those that want to get in on the live action, folks in Los Angeles can catch Jesse rocking a solo gig on February 9. Details after the jump.

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Zulu Guru Live [Download on Sendspace]

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Interview: Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – ‘The Road to Zulu Guru’


by Andrea K. Castillo

Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X are two musicians that walk the road less traveled by. Blending musical and sartorial influence from the many lands they travel to with their gift of music, Giant Step contributor Andrea Castillo caught up with the two a couple weeks before their first collaborative release, Zulu Guru, hit. Amongst our topics were the creative process of making the album, and how the guys would like their music to be received by the people. Zulu Guru is out today (stream on AOL).

Together you guys have embarked on a musical journey, and are releasing your first album together called Zulu Guru. Tell me about the road up until this point; I’m familiar with both of your musical stylings, and I want to know why you decided to do this together. What was the first conversation you had and said, “Oh, let’s do this thang!”

Jesse: We’re both Jamaican.

[Everyone laughs]

MeLo: First conversation, being Jamaican.

So was that your connection?

M: Yea, that was like the only reason why we did the album.

J: I don’t really know him besides that…

M: You know it’s funny, but we’ve always been talking about doing an album together, and I believe the first album we spoke about doing together was gonna be a reggae album.

J: Nah seriously, we said that.

M: We said, “Let’s do a reggae album”, so that’s how it kinda started. We need to do something together, and then we started bouncing ideas…

J: This album is reggae influenced

M: Most definitely, West Indian influenced.

J: …this is our reggae album. This is as reggae as we can get without getting weird.

Would you say this has been years in the making?

M: Yea, I’d definitely say that. Conceptually, yes, but actually working on it, not that long.

J: We took like nine months to do the project. We started around this time last year, so I guess a year. But the creative process of us doing the songs is pretty cool because I would like, call Melo with a concept and I would have a debate, and he doesn’t like it. I would call him back again, and we would get up together, and we’ll be vibing, and we write this crazy verse, then we record it. That’s pretty much what the process was with every song, nothing was forced. Everything was pretty organic. …it was a real[exchange].

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New Track: Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X – “Black Orpheus”


Almost a year ago, we sat in on a live recording session party of sorts in Manhattan to create what is now called “Black Orpheus.” Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X took turns in the recording booth as a group of us huddled in the monitoring room and looked on as they took takes in between frequent goof-off’s. And now look at what we have here!

The dense and echoey track transports you into a some sort of ancient cavern, and we predict more of something similar is to come judging by the title of their upcoming joint project, Zulu Guru.

October 15 join these two bohemian Brooklynites on the journey that will be Zulu Guru. Start practicing your “schwazas.”

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Video: Melo-X & Cheri Coke – “The Garden of Eden”


The ever seductive songstress Cheri Coke and monster of a producer Melo-X have teamed up for a collaborative EP called X/COKE. This video is a sampling of their creation process on “The Garden of Eden” – a proper tease.

Look out for the EP to drop on May 29 – so ready. We want that coke coke coke coke.

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Video: Melo-X – “Fire Geomu”


[kml_flashembed movie="" width="550" height="445" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Inspired by globetrotting, Melo-X recently released his first full-length instrumental release, Fewture. Above is the video for the first single, “Fire Geomu,” a jazz-tinged, downtempo trance-ish track. Surprisingly, it works.

The beautiful soft lights and hypnotizing use of motion, amongst other eye candy, are thanks to TONE and Vinny Picone, two video geniuses and pals of ours.

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