Natalia Kills Releases ‘Perfectionist’ + Contest & Tour Dates


The London-based dark pop singer/actress Natalia Kills dropper her debut album Perfectionist today. Featuring a slew of producers that have worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Alicia Keys to Michael Jackson to Gwen Stefani, miss Kills most certainly has set a strong foundation for her introduction. Influenced heavily by film, Natalia’s sound shifts with the various given moods – moving from slow and almost sinister to dense and high-strung with a snap.

Natalia speaks on her ideology and inspirations: “I’m really influenced by the way music is applied to films, because it creates drama and suspense,” she says. “I like the way radio music used to be—really direct, wild and expressive.”

Stream the sassy “Wonderland” below and check her stripped down live performance for “Mirrors” after the jump.

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Natalia Kills – “Wonderland”

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“Mirrors” live video and tour dates after the jump

We Bay We Boogie: Rehes Gets Down With Dām-Funk

Despite the hectic touring schedule of hip-hop’s hottest new producer, our girl Seher snagged a moment with Dām Funk during SXSW.

Photo by Matthew Scott

To Dām Funk, funk is more than music, “it’s a lifestyle — it’s being ‘free’ at all times,” he says. As a kid, Dām would listen to records of varied styles and learn the drum parts. In early high school, he also picked up the keyboards.  Today, he is here to usher in what he brands “modern-funk.”

“My vision is to hopefully have people respect Funk music again as a viable style and way of life,” says Dām.

Inspired by Los Angeles, his home town, Dām cultivates a style that is both spacey and futuristic but that also pays tribute to Slave, early Prince, P-Funk, as well as the likes of Frank Zappa and Todd Rundgren, to name a few. Using synths, drum machines, and “elbow grease” to craft his work, Dām keeps it analog and old school to the highest degree – “I like the work involved.”  Eff’a Protools.

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