The World According to Jonesy Radio Show #32

Jonesy is back at it again with another installment of the ‘The World According To Jonesy’. And in accordance with tradition, Jonesy reminds us that crate digging certainly isn’t dead. Every track featured in this week’s installment is solid gold (so what if Jonesy had to wipe off a few layers of dust to let the true luster come shining out).

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New Release: The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’ Mixtape


Late last night, The Weeknd released the second installment of his three-part mixtape series. Thursday is already blazing up the internets and we totally understand – the guy makes some hypnotizing sexy time music. With the wild success of his first mixtape, House of Balloons, it’s not surprising that his website got so much traffic last night that it ended up getting overloaded.

Stream and download the mixtape below! And if you fancy Drake, be sure to check out “The Zone.”

The Weeknd – Thursday [Download]

The Weeknd Thursday by the weeknd thursday

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New Release: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – ‘Back For More’


Canadian soul vocalist Ayah has teamed up with DJ Jazzy Jeff to release yet another project, Back For More. They call it a mixtape, we say it listens like an album – it’s dope. Oh, and it’s free?! Yeah. Jazzy brings it with some new moods in his production, while Ayah reels you in with her infectious voice, costuming her instrument to do what she pleases. If you haven’t yet been treated to the talent that is Ayah, it’s about time you get to know what you’ve been missing. Stream and download for free below.

DJ Jazzy Jeff on Facebook | Twitter | Official Site

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DJ Brainchild & Dego Release It’s All Over The Place Mixtape + Dego’s Solo Debut Album Out June 20th


Brooklyn based music aficionado and our pal DJ Brainchild was commissioned by the highly revered sound magician Dego (2000Black, 4Hero, Silhouette Brown) to create a mixtape chronicling his works, old and new alike. Brainchild took care to perfect a delicate balance between well known tracks, lesser known “overlooked” tracks, and hidden gems many probably didn’t know existed. His favorite from the mix include: 4Hero’s “Hold It Down,” Da One Away’s “Trash Da Junk,” Dego’s “What ever” and 2000 Black’s “If You Got 3 Wishes” and “Got Me Puzzled.”

more on debut + free mixtape download after the jump

Has-Lo Mixtape – Antelopes & Lions Mixed By Sonny James (Illvibe Collective)

Mello Music Group has quickly proven themselves to be the hottest new record label in hip-hop, with Georgia Anne Muldrow, the instrumental Clouds by Apollo Brown, and now with Has-Lo‘s five-part ‘mixtape’ download, Antelopes & Lions. On March 29th Has-Lo will release a full-length called In Case I Don’t Make It.
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