Video: Exitmusic – “Passage”

Also known as one of our SXSW Artist Spotlights, the cinematic band Exitmusic recently released their video for “Passage.” These guys refuse to make music videos anything less than intensely rousing short films (also see their video for “The Sea”). Why not, though? Especially when your lead singer (Aleksa Palladino) was once cast in a Martin Scorcese series.

Look for their debut album, Passage, to drop May 22.

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SXSW 2012 Artist Spotlight: Exitmusic

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Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church initially came together at the age of 18, when they met on a train in Canada and were inexplicably compelled to each other. Having been a couple for over a decade now must surely contribute to the near palpable magic that these two create together with bandmates Dru Prentiss (drums) and Nicholas Shelestak (electronic sounds).

Exitmusic certainly commanded the stage this year at SXSW with a whopping eight shows. We caught the band at the Filter Magazine x Dickies party at a wide open outdoor venue on a gorgeous Austin evening. The crowd was packed and the energy emanating to and fro the stage was that of an ethereal trance: sways and closed lids amongst soothing wails and pulsing, crackling rhythms. It’s exciting to think about the heights this group can reach.

“We want our music to confront people in a gentle but powerful way, to make them feel something,” says Devon Church of Brooklyn electro-rock outfit Exitmusic. There is indeed something highly emotive and stirring about this group. Just listen to the opening track, “The Sea,” in the live studio performance video of their four track From Silence EP above, and you’ll get it. The official video for the track that we posted several months back is something serious.

Lead singer Aleksa drives the point home when she shares her inspiration in “voices that have character and really tell a story on their own,” such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Her mother, an acclaimed opera singer, is also an influence from which she draws her skill in delivering those raw, shiver inducing vocals that give us life and take it away, all in one breath.

Exitmusic at SXSW 2012 (Photo by Seher Sikandar)

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Occam to Release ‘My Rorschach’ + Exclusive Free MP3


Hungarian electro-jazz musician Occam will be releasing his debut album, My Rorschach, on October 10th and it’s seriously not something you should sleep on. Known for his work as Tibor Lazar in the popular eastern European band Zagar, he adopts a new persona as Occam to create music that is absolutely refreshing. We caught up with Occam for a quick interview where he shared some thoughts:

“Occam is my doppelgänger. He differs from me – as Tibor Lazar – in his audacity touching new instruments: he doesn’t want to spend ages to finally make an instrument sound good but rather prefers to make a record with them just as they are. He doesn’t care to orchestrate a song in a classic way, rather he chooses a way where no one has walked. I could say Occam is a rebellion against myself, a rebellion against socialization, conventions, against our overridden age. I can be my own therapist this way.

The most important inspiration is beauty, but not the cheesy beauty. Beauty can be sad, it can be old, worn out. A wrinkled face can be beautiful as well. In Eastern Europe a happy end is a very rare thing. Our past is everything. That is why people learn here to appreciate the little joyful moments that life brings and to set their eyes on the hidden beauties. Hungary is a very special place if you look at things through these glasses: anything can be inspiring if you manage to tune-up yourself to the surroundings, if you gave time and chance to these to take their effect on you.”

The man is eloquent. And so is his music. Grab our exclusive free download of the brilliantly smooth downtempo track, “Passage.” It’ll only be available for a month!

After the jump, also take a look at a great video collage for “White Flag.”

Occam – “Passage” [MP3]

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Video for “White Flag” after the jump