New Remix: When Saints Go Machine – “Mannequin” (by Planningtorock)


Been a while since we’ve posted on When Saints Go Machine or Planningtorock. One of the last times was when the Saints remixed Planningtorock’s “Living It Out.” Now the tables have turned and our lady has remixed “Mannequin,” a new single from When Saints Go Machine and that will serve as a precursor to their upcoming second album.

The sound still hits that tingling atmospheric vibe on the head with the vocals delicately quivering and teasing your earbuds. In speaking on the second album, band frontman Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild speaks about opening up with the material this time around and being less esoteric. We foresee some more gorgeous work ahead and can’t wait!

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New Track: Planningtorock- “Living It Out” (When Saints Go Machine Remix)


Planningtorock is a little difficult to forget with her quirky tunes. We introduced you the creative genius back in September with her “Living It Out” video, and today we have a pretty awesome remix from the super rad When Saints Go Machine.

And it’s not like the Saints are any more normal. What transpires is an eerie electro pop remix on a tripped out extraterrestrial kick. Enjoy and download below!

Planningtorock – Living It Out (When Saints Go Machine Remix) by When Saints Go Machine

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Video: Planningtorock – “Living it Out”


Berlin’s Planningtorock can be difficult to pin down. Just like her song, she seems to just be “Living it Out,” producing highly experiential, experimental music. Some liken her creative allure to that of Grace Jones or Bjork’s.

This video and song are dope. As far as the video: the editing effects, the coloring, and use of lighting are used brilliantly to accent the hazy mood. The song itself seems to subtly traverse genre and mood throughout the track, with elements of rock, soul, disco, electronic, and an underlying orchestral vibe. A further thrust to the uptempo track comes thanks to the driving drum work of LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney.

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