Adele Covers “Promise This” by Cheryl Cole, Upcoming Album 21 Receives Critical Acclaim

Adele absolutely kills this cover of Cheryl Cole‘s “Promise This” for BBC’s Live Lounge. Originally an upbeat dance song, Adele tones it down to show off her pipes, as she should. Lucky for us, it’s also a technique we hear in her upcoming album, 21.

Adele – “Promise This” (Cheryl Cole Cover)
Adele – Promise This (Cheryl Cole Cover) by CherylOnline

While the new album by Adele has not officially arrived in the US yet, the Euro scene and the savvy, impatient blogosphere is already eating it up. Some press highlights include:

“With just a piano as backing there are no layers to pull back or hidden meanings to uncover and its simplicity will leave you feeling the full effects of her beautiful make-your-hair-stand-on-end vocals. It’s an early shout, but it could very well be the album of 2011.” – Punchbowl Blog

“This is a serious and frequently astonishing album.” -Holy Moly

“Her second offering has lived up to the reputation she has created from her debut and powerful voice which is the female Johnny Cash.” – M is for Music

21 is simply stunning. … Genuinely brilliant.” – BBC

21 will be released in the US on February 22nd on Columbia Records.

Sonnymoon’s Golden Age

What would Drake’s “Housoatlantavegas” sound like minus the swagger and autotune? Like this!

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The name Sonnymoon is a reference to the legendary jazz saxaphonist Sonny Rollins. The band, like the tradition of jazz, is a progressive, boundary-crossing fusion of musical elements. Their music draws noticeable influence from artists like Bjork and Flying Lotus.  

As graduates of the Berklee School of Music, Dane Orr and Anna Wise are well versed in jazz concepts, but are also, like jazz musicians of the past, forward thinking in their approach to their own music. The duo’s sound consists of head-nodding drums, synthesizer ambiance, drones, glitches, and vocal harmonies that are a bit avant-garde, but still draw attention from a wide array of listeners. They are a part of a new school of artists that are continuing the legacy of music scenes that once seemed distinctly separate.  They join bands like Little Dragon and Electric Wire Hustle in continuing to bridge the gap between electronic, hip-hop, and rock, much like PPP did in the mid 2000’s, and Portishead did in the 90’s. There is nothing unique about bringing separate music scenes together, as there are countless others who are more or less known for similar practices. What’s important is, does it sound good? The answer is YES.   -L.E

Download the album here for free:

Or be nice and buy if for 5 bucks here:

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