A Few Questions with FaltyDL + NYC DJ Set @ Le Bain – June 24


Leading up to his Monday night DJ set at Le Bain in NYC, FaltyDL answered a few questions for us. Get details on the party below!

Giant Step: Miles Davis is cited as a life-changing influence of yours. Can you share some about the impact of Miles Davis on your life?

FaltyDL: Everything I’ve learned about improvisation, I’ve learned from Miles. [Improvisation] is rare in electronic music – it’s all so grid in a way. But I just love his music.

GS: What led you to becoming a sushi chef?  

FDL: Needed money and washing dishes was so shit.

GS: How did the transition into music full time happen?

FDL: Slowly but surely with enough releases and gigs under my belt. Carved my own niche, I guess.

GS: Your most proud remix moment?

FDL: Different ones were different milestones. Zed Bias, Sean Kuti – been honored to do them all.

GS: What projects are you currently working on?

FDL: Just making more tunes!

GS: A musical act you love that others would never expect you to?

FDL: Guns N Roses

GS: Explain to us how you wreck a party when you DJ; folks need to be prepared.

FDL: I build it up nicely, then right when it should climax, I drop some jazz and everyone looks disappointed and the crowd goes away. That’s how I usually wreck a party.

Event Details
FaltyDL DJ Set at Le Bain

Monday, June 24
Doors 8pm

Free with RSVP

Le Bain at The Standard
444 W. 13th St.
New York NY, 10014