New Release: Sir Froderick – ‘The Brief Wondrous’


Been a while since we’ve posted on Sir Froderick and his otherworldly soothing tunes. His latest project is called The Brief Wondrous and carries a somewhat melancholic dream state cinematic feel similar to his previous works. The Brief Wondrous is also inspired by a story:

“this soundtrack is a story about a nomad
that got a lil money…
been playing the backseat all his life…
traveling with just a guitar and a pack of smokes
taking heavy inhales of lah on stressful times
thinking about his past…but looking forward to the future
he is on the road to return to greatness with new friends and family
slowly claiming his space and gaining his swagger back
only to end in tragedy??????”

We can certainly appreciate a good story. Especially one we can zone out to and forget everything else.

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New Release: Love Muscle – ’4pLay’


Lisa Preston and Sir Froderick make some refreshing music for real. Smooth, light, journeying across various interpretations of space, the sound is undeniably pleasant. At the beginning of this month, their duo Love Muscle dropped a 7-track album called 4pLay. The first track starts off with a beat that seems to have sampled some Georgia Anne Muldrow vocals – can’t be mad at it.

Lisa’s flowery vocal style lightweight reminds us of Kissey, who we shared a new track from a couple weeks ago. Sir Froderick holds it down as well, with production that is enchanting, charming, nostalgic, and new.

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New Release: Sir Froderick – ‘She’s Beautiful EP’


Philly-based Sir Froderick is something of a beat machine. One of his most recent releases is the awesome She’s Beautiful EP, which also features some work from Ciao Bella who we posted on just last week.

Enjoy the glitchy, melodic soundscapes, we know we are.

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